Learn to Sign With Your Baby

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Communicate, connect, and bond with your baby with 50 essential, easy-to-learn ASL signs.

Your baby is crying. Are they hungry or are they tired? With 50 practical ASL signs that cover a child’s day, Learn to Sign with Your Baby will help you better understand your child and help them communicate with you. Author Cecilia S. Grugan, a Deaf parent, gives you detailed instructions and tips for how to master each sign, as well as helpful advice and fun activities for incorporating ASL into your life with baby. And with clear illustrations and video demonstrations for each sign, you can confidently start signing with your baby—and watch as your bond deepens and strengthens.

Learn to Sign with Your Baby includes:

  • 50 of the most useful ASL signs. From “more” and “eat” to “change” and “hurt,” this book teaches the most relevant and practical terms for your daily life with baby—and makes signs for specific needs easy to find.
  • Step-by-step color illustrations and video for every sign. The video for each sign can be accessed by a QR code; scan it for step-by-step guidance to confidently and correctly form each sign.
  • Engaging activities make ASL fun. Play a game, sing a song—this book makes incorporating ASL into your life enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Helpful tips. Tips for remembering the signs, how to effectively use them, and what to look for as baby signs back make ASL easy to learn and easy to use.