First Words Book

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Teach your infant or toddler first words in an engaging and adorable way using the handmade quilt blocks in this durable board book!

Whether you're a crafter who already appreciates the art of quilting, or simply a parent looking for a unique and engaging first words book, First Words with Cute Quilted Friends will provide you and your child with plenty of enjoyment as they learn first words with these one-of-a-kind photos. Designed by bestselling author of Urban Quilting, Wendy Chow, this book features cute, brightly colored pictures that your child will love looking at for hours, a compact size that's the perfect size for your child's small hands, and a sturdy padded cover that won't dissolve in their mouths. 

This book includes words and cute pictures in categories such as:
• Animals (dog, cat, fish, etc.)
• Clothing (socks, pants, hat, etc.)
• Food/Drinks (ice cream, apple, carrot, etc.)
• Outdoors and Nature (sun, flower, tree, etc.)
• Transportation (car, train, boat, etc.)
• Things (clock, pencil, book, etc.)