Baby Manual Book

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"THE BABY OWNER'S MANUAL has been a phenomenal bestseller since it debuted in 2003. It has sold more than 500,000 copies, been translated in to more than 25 different languages, and been sold into almost all channels--book trade, gift trade, specialty, mass market, export, museum stores (the TATE MODERN in London still sells it well). It has won several design awards from PRINT magazine and other design annuals, and been the basis for hugely successful spinoffs from stationery products to a successful book series.

Now, ten years after it was originally written, it's time for an updated version--time to update the book with new medical and parental guidance, to add new sections and expand on others, and to relaunch the book with a more significant retail and consumer marketing effort to help it break out even further and become a parenting classic.
The updates and revisions will include:
  • 32 new pages of content, including new resource charts and appedices for parents to use
  • Updated information on new equipment and accessories that are now available
  • The latest, up-to-date information on controversial topics like vaccines, baby slings, sleep positions and more
  • A new section with answers to frequently asked questions
  • Updated information on getting your baby to sleep"

    256 pages. 

    Author: Louis Borgenicht M.D., Joe Borgenicht.